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5 Ways You’ll Screw Up Your Job Interview

  1. Not bringing a copy of your updated resume and/or attaching a resume to your online application.
    Seriously. This is what is getting you the look… so don’t forget to bring it with you. Being prepared at the basics sets a great tone and show you remember details.
  2. Not preparing examples of your accomplishments or leadership skills
    Examples are ways for you to prove your worth – and prove the fact that you have the skills you say you do on your resume. Make sure you’re prepared to answer questions regarding your accomplishments. This is your time to shine!
  3. Not providing detailed answers
    Vague answers sound the BS alarm faster than the weird 20-year old at a party who says he’s a movie producer. Don’t go overboard – but make sure you’re detailed enough in your answers to sound legit.
  4. Being Arrogant.
    Fine line between highlighting your accomplishments and sounding arrogant. Confidence and enthusiasm are good… but don’t overcompensate, as that can lead to coming off arrogant.
  5. No Research.
    You need to do your research on the company or specific division you are interviewing for.  In order to prove you’re a perfect fit – you need to know the values, culture, and role specifics for the company/job you’re interviewing for.
  6. *BonusNot following up with a thank you note. Thanking the interviewers goes a long way.

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